April Meeting Notes

April 2016 Board Meeting

April 2, 2016

Anne Flora said 15 sellers are needed for Ann Arbor Art Fair and each seller would be required to work 5 shifts of 3 hours. Friends and relatives of sellers may fill those shifts. Deadline for signing up for the Art Fair is mid-May. There is no mandatory meeting; however, there would be a meeting for new Art Fair entrants. Art Fair participants pay a $25.00 participation fee. Sign-up sheets will be passed at the May General Membership meeting. Barb Schutzgruber will be back on Sunday, the last day of the Art Fair to help. Anne noted Sandy Kunkle will be assuming the Jury Chair in the Fall. Marion Marzolf, back in the position of Publicity Chair, reported that notices publicizing the Art Fair will go out April 15.

President Ellen discussed the fact that there was very little action at the library browsing table due to the many other activities taking place during the time just before the general meeting. Only DVDs will be available during the next couple of months. Pat Martin felt that if the burden of not physically bringing the books to meetings is resolved, the job of Library Chair would not be a problem. Sandy presented plans for a proposal for installation of bookcases/cabinets to house AAFG’s library to Zion Lutheran Church. The draft proposal was prepared by Sandy and Jill Ault, with approval by Pat Martin and President Ellen Willson for distribution to the Board.

AAFG April General Meeting

April 11, 2016

Anne Flora, and Adelaide Ammon were introduced for the offices of President and Vice-President in charge of workshops replacing Ellen Willson and Sandy Kunkle. Members were asked if there were any other nominations from the floor to be considered. There were none. Millie Danielson made a motion to elect the two nominees for the indicated offices and Nancy Hedberg seconded the motion. The membership unanimously approved. Ellen asked for nominations for Co-Chairs for office of Membership. Both Amy Cameron and Linda Gerard volunteered to fill the positions and were accepted. Ellen held up a lovely chenille scarf that was left behind at the November, 2015 General Meeting. No one came forward to claim it.

Mary Valerie-Richter and Liz Ritter reported an important change to our website. Due to the retirement of Liz Rodriguiz from the AAFG newsletter and no willing volunteer to take her place, the website will be the source of previous newsletter information. There will be password-protected information for members regarding the three yearly sales, Fiber Feast, Art Fair, and Holiday Sale. Each sale file will have all the pertinent information necessary to members for each sale. There will be a fillable inventory sheet, rules with respect to sale entries, jury and sale dates and times and member phone numbers. Information available to non-members will include dates and locations of our sales, schedule of workshop and a list of our general meetings. Liz and Mary will work on the system over the summer. At the September General Membership meeting, they will present a Powerpoint presentation to familiarize members with the website. Members who do not have computers in their home will be instructed on how to access computers at their local Library. There will be an email reminder for each general membership meeting with links to the website for more information. The website was patterned after the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild’s (GAAQG).

Jill Ault talked about the Annual Budget. The budget includes a previously voted increase to annual dues which will be raised for the 2016-2017 from $35.00/year to $40.00/year. This was not necessary last year but because of more costs involved with building an efficient website for members and additional costs for making our Library more accessible and less burdensome, it will be in coming years. Jill also noted that the Fiber Feast tickets will be raised to $35.00 next year. This is due to the expected increase in the cost of items pertaining to staging the show.

Respectfully submitted by Madeline Navarro, AAFG Secretary.

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