AAFG 2021-22 Calendar for Sales, Meetings, and Workshops:

Month of July 2021 (Exhibit)
Village Theater at Cherry Hill
AAFG Member Exhibit (details

September 13, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)
TBA (details) 

October 11, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)
“Color and Inspiration”
Daryl Lancaster (details)

November 8, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)
“Eco-Printing: Releasing Nature’s Secrets”
Dawn Edwards (details) 

December 13, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)
“All Is Not As It Seems: Alchemy, Tinkering, and Stitching”
Jennifer Lee Morrow (details)

January 10, 2022 (Zoom Meeting)
TBA (details)

February 14, 2022 (Virtual Exhibit)
AAFG 2D-3D Member Exhibit (details

March 14, 2022 (Meeting)
TBA (details)

April 11, 2022 (Meeting)
TBA (details)

May 9, 2022 (Meeting)
“The Art of Cyanotype: Basics and Beyond” 
Leslie Riley (details)

November 19, 2022 (Sale)
Holiday Sale

All programs, workshops and events are subject to change. Please check here and on our Facebook page for revisions to our calendar.
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